Packages & Pricing

Let's make this easy and transparent. Gain the knowledge and insights you need to increase your brand equity with you target audience and streamline your marketing ecosystem. 


Monthly Brand + Marketing Consulting

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We get it... Experience, accountability, and consistency is what you're looking for. You're an entrepreneur at heart, but the branding and marketing landscape is an ever-changing world that you just cannot keep up with.

Having a strategic alliance, an 'Interim CMO' if you will, in your corner to guide you through 'growth hack this'  and 'content marketing that' is worth it's weight in gold. Also in time, frustration, and and learning to navigate an ever-changing industry. 

Locking us in to be your 'Interim CMO' is one of the smartest investments you can make with regards to your brand strategy and marketing execution. 

☛ Starting at $1500/mo

Personal Branding Packages



Building a personal brand takes more than ‘growth hacks’ and online tactics. It takes a proactive strategy that positions you as an authority, where your core values align with your day-to-day actions.

This is our philosophy behind building scalable and purposeful brands.

To ensure you’re living and doing what you say, and connecting with your audience, whomever it may be, at the highest level possible.


Package A: (2 months) 

  • (8) 75-minute calls with Steven & Melissa
  • Brand strategy PDF document including your digital footprint
  • 1 personal resume or 'hero' sheet
  • LinkedIn refresh & strategy
  • Full email support
  • Access to team resources



Package B: (3 months) 

  • (12) 75-minute calls with Steven & Melissa
  • 3-4 page personal brand website 
  • Brand strategy PDF document including your digital footprint
  • 1 personal resume or 'hero' sheet 
  • LinkedIn refresh & strategy
  • Full email support 
  • Access to team resources


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In-Person Private Branding Workshop

When your brand needs a serious kick in the a$$, spend two days with Steven & Melissa (at your location or ours) and engage in a private, 2 full-day workshops where we'll uncover challenges in your branding and marketing strategy and create a plan of attack to systemize and scale your brand. 

Includes breakfast and lunch both days as well as a session-ending happy hour on day two.  

  • Situational Analysis (what's your challenge area's?) 
  • Goal Setting & Milestones 
  • Brand Vision & DNA Development 
  • Brand & Marketing Audit + Strategic Recommendations 

☛ Starting at $3000 (Includes breakfast, lunch, and happy hour)