Entrepreneur? Business Owner? 

Do you need strategic guidance with a sense of accountability?

Do you want - better yet - need the support of a community to inspire you to achieve the results you're looking for?

Do you need mentorship with those who've been there and have the experience to build, grow, and scale your brand and business? 

Or perhaps you're a newbie entrepreneur with the ideas and drive to succeed, just need kick in the ass to make it happen?   

We understand! We've been you and know how to FOCUS and bring forth strategies that are going to move your needle. 



"We're in the business of giving you strategic and tactical branding & marketing advice and direction" 

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What We're covering

☛ Your Brand Strategy & Ideation: We're going to work with you to help refine, and in some cases define, your industry positioning, value proposition, and your brand WHY. By understanding your brand WHY, we're going to be able to help craft your story and have it resonate with your core audience. 

☛ Message Refinement: Your brand is more about the defining statements and verbiage you use than it is about your logo or design. We're going to to dive in deep the ensure you're messaging is resonating with your core audiences and that you're not alienating or driving customers away by using the wrong words.  

☛ Creative Strategy: Your creative look & feel is what gives your brand depth and brings the story to life. We're working with you to ensure your creative isn't screaming to your audience, but inviting them into your world for a conversation (and hopefully a sale). 

☛ Marketing Strategy: With your brand foundation set, we begin to look at marketing strategies and tactical plans to ensure we're having the right conversation with the right audience at the right time. 

☛ Social Media Strategy: It's no surprise when we say how important social media is. But with shiny bright new objects appearing daily, how do we understand the right channels to invest in? We'll help you not only make sense of the online marketing world, but help you craft strategies that matter. 

☛ Website & Digital Marketing Audit & Strategy: Traffic is great, but if your home experience is sub-par, what do you think is going to be the lasting impression of your brand? Your website and backend digital marketing ecosystem doesn't need to be complicated. It just needs to work. We'll help get you there. 

☛ Goal Setting & Accountability: What good is all this work without shooting and aiming for the right targets and goals? Together, we're putting together goals and accountability metrics to keep you on track and constantly progressing towards the goals in mind. 

What People Are Saying About Working With Steven & Melissa

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What's included in the mastermind?:

☛ 12 group calls (1 per week): These group calls, which will happen 1x per week via Zoom, are meant to be conducted in an open and collaborative manner where the emphasis is on the value and quality of content, not the amount of people in the room. That's why we're limiting the mastermind to 3 (possibly 4) entrepreneurs.   

☛ 3 1:1 calls (1 per month): In addition to the group calls, we're going to have 1 individual breakout session per month where we can dive deeper into your challenge areas and come out with some massive breakthroughs. 

☛ Access to Steven & Melissa's resource library of worksheets, templates, and marketing 'hacks': Yup, we're opening up the fault and giving you full-access to the awesome content, worksheets, and templates we've curated through the years working with brands, agencies, and entrepreneurs. 

☛ An open, creative, and collaborative work environment: This is a must. We don't work with assholes, ego-maniacs, or people who aren't ready to commit 100% to their success. We only work with winners, high-achievers, and those who have the drive and will to be.

☛ Weekly / monthly challenges & competitions: We're all working towards goals and milestones so we're going to instill challenges and competitions to keep everyones motivation high and all eyes on the prize.  

☛ Full email support: We understand that questions and concerns are going to pop-up in between group calls and 1-on-1's, that's why we're giving you full email support. Just fire away a note and we'll get back as soon as we can. And if we don't have the answer, you know we know someone who does.  

☛ 24/7 access to a private LinkedIn group: We know Facebook groups are all the rave, and that is exactly why we're not using it. We're about progress and growth, and LinkedIn is perfect for that. In the private group, you'll have access to other members as well as the opportunity to grow your professional network on a platform that isn't seen as a mindless time-suck.  

☛ Access to replays of all calls and classes: With the ebb and flow of life and business, we know things and events come up. That's why we're giving you replays to all our video's, sessions, and masterclasses (see below), so you can go back on your own time, when it's most convenient for you. 

★ BONUS ★ 3 LIVE Masterclasses: Every month, we're inviting a thought-leader into our world to give you nothing but pure value for an hour. These masterclasses will be based on what's most important to you and your business and is guaranteed to be a game changer in your business. 

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3-Month Mastermind


June 2018


To be considered, apply below by clicking on the box. 

AS a result of this mastermind, you will

You will have a brand strategy plan for the next 12-18 months with milestones and goals to gauge your success and progress against

You will have a new found sense of brand confidence meaning you know your brand WHY, who your audience is, and what you're really selling

You'll receive creative and messaging direction so you can successfully articulate your brand to your core audiences and serve them with brand assets that resonate and draw them into you world

You'll be able to understand the modern marketing world and how you can be successful in not only keeping up, but thrive in leveraging channels that work for your audience and your business

You'll gain the knowledge and resources to quickly scale and monetize your social media

You'll understand why setting a concrete foundation in regards to your brand, marketing, and web presence is essential to success in today's business environment 

So What's This Cost And How Do I Get Started?

The 3-month mastermind investment is meant for the serious entrepreneur who really wants to excel in an intimate, yet open and collaborative group setting. 

In the past, to work with Steven & Melissa in this capacity would be close to $10,000 per month, but for 3-4 entrepreneurs that truly want to make a massive transformation, we're opening our schedule at an insanely discounted price of: 

☛ $5991 total or $1997 per month

To be considered, apply below by clicking on the box. 

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